As of today, we have helped 15 Families afford their Child’s Funeral.

Read their stories below:

Rejoice’s Funeral Service


This beautiful little girl Rejoice was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and was such a strong fighter during her initial treatment and after relapsing. Rejoice’s family moved to St. Jude Children’s hospital from the Philippines after her relapse, where she underwent more surgery and more chemotherapy. During her fight, Rejoice’s family never stopped praising and loving God, something that we can all take away from them. Rejoice gained her beautiful angel wings around 5:20am on February 26th. We were able to help this sweet family bring their beautiful daughter home to their country for her funeral service. Rejoice, you are forever with us.

Special thanks to Cheryl Williams, JoAnna Varisco, Kyle Sullivan, and Randy Nelson.

Miller Children’s Patient’s Funeral Service


We we are to help this family after losing their 24 year old son to brain cancer (Astrocytoma). Although it was a very long and difficult fight, this patient never gave up or stopped smiling. He was a light to everyone that knew him, including the social worker who worked with us on this case. He is forever with us.

Special thanks to Sandra Green and Holly Landowski.


CHOC Patient’s Funeral Service


This sweet 17 month old boy lost his life after a battle with metastatic melanoma. His parents struggled financially throughout their child’s treatment and were in great need of help when trying to come up with the funds to pay for his funeral services. We are so happy we could help this family in their greatest time of need. This sweet baby boy is forever with us.

Special thanks to Miki Matsushima and Robert Testman


Sophie’s Celebration of Life


Sophie Grace Taylor, or Super Strong Sophie, as her friends and family call her was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in January of 2018. Sophie battled through many cycles of chemotherapy and always with the most positive attitude. After a few months of chemotherapy treatment, Sophie had a rotationplasty surgery on her leg, which removed part of her leg and turned it upside-down to use the ankle joint as a new knee joint. In her amazing spirit Sophie never stopped shining, even with a difficult wound experience following surgery. Sophie continued chemotherapy after surgery, and remained very strong. On January 6, 2019, just 2 days after her one year diagnosis, Sophie was admitted to the hospital and it was found she had relapsed in her lungs with no further treatment options available. Sophie gained her angel wings on January 18. Sophie you are forever with us, and we will all stick our tongues out at cancer for you sweet girl.

Special thanks to Chris Burks and all who participated in our Christmas giveaway.

CHOC Patient’s Funeral Service


This 22 year old CHOC patient bravely fought Ewing’s Sarcoma for many years. She passed away peacefully on January 22, 2019. I am so glad we were able to help her brother give her the funeral she deserved. She will forever be with us.

Special thanks to Tami Shankel.


CHOC Patient’s Funeral Service


This 9 year old boy and his family moved to America after a cancer diagnosis in his own country. He was treated for progressive/ metastatic mesenchymal chondrosaroma at CHOC and was so strong during his treatment. This patient gained his beautiful angel wings on November 30. He will forever be with us.

Special thanks to Mayra Baltazar, Terri Bailey, Liza Cameron, and Jackie Testman.


Courtney’s Celebration of Life


This little 5 year old girl fought Leukemia with the greatest strength and a smile on her face throughout her journey. She was sassy, sweet, and loved everyone she met. Courtney fought hard against cancer for 2 years before gaining her beautiful angel wings on November 17, 2018. Her family has numerous medical bills to pay on top of Courtney’s celebration of life expenses. I am so glad Forever With Us could help them in this time that no parent should ever experience. Courtney you will forever be with us sweet girl.

Special thanks to Chris Burks, Laura Martinez, and Robert Testman.

Christine’s Celebration of Life


This beautiful girl is Christine. Because of you we were able to give her family the assistance the CHOC social worker asked of us. Because of you she will have a beautiful celebration of life. Christine fought Ewing’s Sarcoma over 5 times and was a joy and light throughout her entire journey. She was an amazing singer, piano player, a student at Chapman University, and all around incredible person. She left our broken world and flew to a better place on October 25, at 19 years old. Christine you are forever with us. 

Special thanks to Tom and Jackie Testman.

Miller Children’s Patient’s Funeral Service


This patient endured a 6 month battle with metastatic Wilms Tumor before passing away at the age of 11. She stayed in the hospital her entire course of treatment until she went home on hospice care. Since her family lived far from the hospital, Dad was not able to work during her treatment and they need our support now more than ever. I am glad we can be there for them during this difficult time. She will forever be with us.

Special thanks to Rebecca Vazzano, Mark Matsushima, Karissa Cardenas, and all who came to the yoga event.


CHOC Patient’s Funeral Service


This patient ended her battle with cancer and gained her angel wings at only 5 years old after battling both ALL and then AML Leukemia. She will forever be with us.

Special thank you to Molly Robson, Karen Testman, all who came to the spin event, and to USD Kappa for including us in their Spring event.


Deandra’s Headstone


This sweet girl is Deandra. Her mother reached out to our foundation because they needed our help to give Deandra a tomb stone to sit on her grave site. Deandra fought Osteosarcoma for 13 months, she underwent multiple surgeries, one that would end in a partial amputation, endured too many pokes to count, chemo and radiation, was named cancer free in December of 2017, only to find out she had relapsed months later in her ankle, lungs and spine. Sweet Deandra passed away on April 21, 2018. It has been 5 months since her passing and because of medical bills and her mother not being able to work during her treatment, this family does not have the money to pay for their beautiful little girl’s tomb stone. For 5 months this family has had to visit the place their daughter was laid to rest without being able to see her name or have a special symbol to remember her by. Because of you we were able to help this family afford a tombstone to recognize their beautiful daughter’s life and legacy. Deandra you will forever be with us.

Special thank you to Austin Haynes, Annemarie McCants, Sheri Behzadi, Chris Burks, Reed Cummings, and everyone who donated $27 for Kyle’s birthday.

CHOC Patient’s Funeral Service


This patient strongly fought Recurrent Metastatic Rhabdomyosarcoma for over 6 years at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. She will forever be with us.

Special thank you to Laura Love, Gabby Bailey, Tracey Cummings and Jackie Testman.


Isabella's Funeral Service


This sweet baby girl is Isabella, Bella for short. Because of childhood cancer her life on this earth was only 15 months. Because of you we were able to help her family give her the final resting place she deserves. Because of you we could show this family that we see you, we feel for you, and we want to help you after the loss of your baby girl. Isabella fought ALL Leukemia. She gained the strongest angel wings on August 25, 2018, exactly one year after her diagnosis. Bella you will forever be with us.

Special thank you to Madi Matsushima, Laura Martinez, Regina Gonzalez, Sharon Campbell, and all who have bought t-shirts and necklaces.


CHOC Patient’s Funeral Service


The next funeral we are assisting is for a girl who I actually met while interning at CHOC. A very quiet and sweet 17 year old fighting Leukemia. During rounds one day she was watching The Fault in My Stars. After we left the room a person commented about her movie choice. The response is one I cannot get out of my head, “she’s very smart, she knows”. No child should know they are going to die. No child should have to sit in a room in silence waiting for that day. This sweet girl passed away peacefully in the PICU last Saturday, and I hope and pray with everything I have that she gained the most beautiful angel wings and is free from all pain. Childhood cancer is a ruthless disease.

Special thank you to Paige Needles, Kyle Dubin, Tami Shankel and Cathy Toohey.


Joshua's Funeral Service


Thanks to our generous donors we were able to help lay this sweet boy to rest. Joshua was diagnosed with AML Leukemia in July of 2015 at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. He fought cancer for three years, facing 3 relapses, until his body could not take anymore. Joshua gained his angel wings and flew to Heaven on August 09, 2018, he was only 9 years old. Joshua you will forever be with us.

Special thank you to Miki Matsushima, Terri Bailey, Rob Testman and all who came to the Chipotle fundraiser.


Capistrano Dispatch News Article


San Juan Capistrano Native Creates Nonprofit to Help Families Who Lose Children to Cancer

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Pillow Story Collaboration


As a way to raise funds, we were able to deliver "I am Strong" Pillowcases to current childhood cancer fighters!